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Sat Feb 2 21:01:32 EST 2002

Le 02/02/02 à 16:50, Lance Ellinghaus écrivit:
> Hello everyone...
> I need to write a program in Python that requires a GUI and to run on a
> hand held device. This would be very easy if it was a desktop
> application, but it is not.
> So the question is:
>     Should I purchase a Windows CE or Palm compatible device and run
> Python on it?
>     What GUI interfaces are available for the Windows CE environment?

I don't know about the maturity of Pippy or the WinCE port at - From
what I read there, the WinCE port is still not finished, and I have no
idea if it has bindings to a GUI library, yet. If it only has wrappers
for the WinCE API calls, that's probably not an exceptionally easy way
to program a GUI.

I suggest you consider using a Linux-powered device, like a Sharp Zaurus
(the developer edition comes with Linux, Qtopia/Qt Embedded
preinstalled). The PyQt maintainer recently released a PyQt version for
Qt embedded and the Zaurus is what he uses, so you can also get PyQt
binaries. Plus, you have your app running a real operating system, which
can runs almost everthing that runs on a "normal" x86 Linux.

You can also make this all work on a Compaq iPAQ, but the Zaurus is IMHO
the better option nowadays (reference platform at Trolltech, for

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