Problem building Python 2.2 docs

Michael Hudson mwh at
Tue Feb 12 07:17:09 EST 2002

Paul Rubin <phr-n2002a at> writes:

> I just loaded a fresh Red Hat GNU/Linux 7.2 system on a newly
> formatted hard disc, and then installed Python 2.2 on it from the .tgz
> file.  Python 2.2 itself built and installed just fine.  When I typed
> "make" in the Doc directory though, a bunch of errors resulted, like:
>      *** processing declarations ***
>     Loading /usr/share/latex2html/versions/
>      *** Fatal Error --- but easy to fix ***
>     Cannot have '.' in file-name prefix, else dvips fails on images
>     Change the name from  /home/phr/Python-2.2/Doc/lib/lib.tex  and try again.
>     *** Session transcript and error messages are in /home/phr/Python-2.2/Doc/html/lib/
>     *** Exited with status 255.
> I don't remember having this problem with Python 2.1.1 under Red Hat 7.1.
> Is this a known bug, in either Python 2.2 or Red Hat 7.2?

I saw this too.  It's probably a problem with latex2html (ooh! another
one!).  Maybe you need to uprade (or even downgrade) it.  Either way,
it's probably best to ask Fred which version is currently blessed,
either directly, via the python-docs at line or on the


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