Fernando Pérez fperez528 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 10:36:01 CET 2002

Chris Gonnerman wrote:

> Consider this an apology to the list, regarding my recent Survivor-like
> suggestion that we "vote off" Rue.  It was late, I wasn't feeling good, but
> still, it was in bad taste, and for this I'm sorry.

Very gentlemanly of yours. I think the way to deal with people like Rue is 
very simple: silence. What his ilk crave is attention, above anything else. 
So if we simply shut up, no matter how tempting a flamefest with an idiot may 
seem, he'll quickly move away. It will only take a couple of posts by him 
that receive *zero* responses here for us never to hear from him again, I 
would bet.

And that approach doesn't require 'voting off' anyone, which I find a fairly 
repulsive thing to do. Silence from people should come simply as a personal 
decision not to feed needless threads, but not as a 'show of force' of a 
group against an individual, no matter how annoying he may be.



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