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Tue Feb 12 10:53:33 EST 2002

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002 14:20:18 -0800, Paul Prescod <paul at> wrote:
>Someone asks in Slashdot (to paraphrase): "What's the best language." Of
>course it's a pretty stupid question.

Of course it's a stupid question, when the answer's obvious:

[spoiler space]

[more spoiler space]

[even more space]

[bear with me, just a bit longer now]

It's Tim Rue's Autocoding!! Except that isn't a language, of course, it's
a, er, well, it's something, whatever.

> In fact the way he asks it is even
>worse, but anyhow, the interesting part is the number of references to
>Python in the followups. There are lots. And they are moderated up,

That's the work of the Propaganda Section of the Python Secret Underground,
no doubt.

>despite being (in at least one case) even more vacuous than the
>question. That means that the moderators are in favour of Python also.

Of course they are. Everyone is! Python is wonderful! Guido I want to
have your babies! (OK I'm need a sex change first)

>This is one more datapoint over a few I've collected in the last few
>weeks that somehow Python has crossed some kind of line from being a
>"like to try it someday" language to an "everybody cool is using it
>these days" language.

Yeah, I think we are getting there. We're not quite there yet IMO.

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