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[Python/Java execution mechanisms]
> > > was curious to know how slow Java was without the JIT. Finally, even
> > > though Java and Python are wildly different in many ways, knowing the
> > > interpreted vs. JIT'ed speeds might give a little insight into the
> > > potential benefits of a Python JIT.
> >
> > I don't really know if python needs a jit, it would probably not harm
> > python, but is it really worth the effort?
> Heehee... that's the whole reason I asked my question in the first place.
Without any introduction of static typing into the language, it's extremely
unlikely that a JIT would yield the same benefits as it does for Java,
although recent experiments with compiler techniques have shown interesting
speedups on restricted cases.

The major problem is that with dynamic (latent) typing, the JIT code has to
examine the type of its operands in order to determine which of several
type-based operations to perform. Java can avoid this due to its strong
typing mechanism. But let's not forget: "Java is the COBOL of the
object-oriented world".

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