Installing Python

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Tue Feb 19 15:40:44 EST 2002

Gerhard Häring wrote:

> Le 18/02/02 à 20:03, Empty_One écrivit:
>> I just downloaded the python tarball, and installed it on my slack system
>> using sheck install.  All works good, except I cannot start IDLE.
> I'm sure there was an error message when you tried to start IDLE. I've
> lost my crystal ball, so these would be incredibly useful.

Here is the error message:  bash: idle: command not found

I know it didn't install, I was asking how to get it installed.  What 
options do I need to add to ./configure
> Chances are that Tkinter wasn't built. You'll need to have Tk installed
> for this, including the header files.

I have the Tk toolkit for Tcl, version 8.3.3 installed.  Do I need more 
installed, and is this the correct version?

>> How can I configure the install script to also install IDLE, since it
>> is included with the base python, and not a seperate download.
> See above, you can also change the paths in Modules/Setup, should that
> be necessary. It usually isn't necessary, unless the Tk header files and
> libraries are in some very strange places.
> Gerhard

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