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Mon Feb 11 19:44:28 CET 2002

> Hi<

Hello, welcome to ... be warned, it's addictive.

> I'd like to learn Python, but everything I find on the web is
>     way above my head.
> Does anyone have books or tutorials they would recommend
>     for an illiterate to teach himself Python?

You might want to start off at Python for Beginners[1], there are 
several documents there that would be a good starting place.  What you 
might want to read after that would depend a lot on what you want to do; 
  i.e., GUIs, networking, Internet, etc.

A good starting book would be Learning Python[2], it's a good book, but 
you might grow out of it quickly.  A few other good books are Python 
Programming on Win32[2] and Programming Python[2].  I've also seen some 
good reviews for Core Python Programming[2] as a Beginner/Intermediate 
level book, but I've never read it myself.



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