Defending the Python lanuage...

Hernan M. Foffani hfoffani at
Sun Feb 3 10:31:20 EST 2002

> I fully agree that when a manager evaluates techs alternatives
> the decision may be affected by non-tech factors. I don't think
> many readers here would deny such claim and is a great
> forum to look for answers on TECH's issues of Python.

[orig. poster]
> Wait just a moment here ... what are you saying here? is
> a great place to tooks for tech's issues But we don't consider
> managment issues ...
> Well in the ***real*** world where i live all descission are
> taken by managers !

[And I replied again with almost nonsenses]

Being too late to make an effective usenet cancel, I'll try to
make my statements more clear.

In my first post, I was addressing your worries on the fact that
"very often wrong questions are asked here."

I claim that your legitimate concerns aren't specific to Python,
and the way this thread turned out is a little proof of it :-)

Therefore you'll find here much more technical info to help you
in your decision processes that on pure software engineering or
business strategies regardless of the high quality of the

Of course, my personal desires about's content were out
of place and I'd never expected to drive it, much less try to
censor you in any way.


Hope it's clear now. If so, I wholeheartly recommend reading
usenet with pizza and beer aside!

[posted and mailed to the O.Poster]

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