undefined symbols when embedding python

Dave Marotti landshark at verticaladdiction.net
Thu Feb 14 16:02:49 CET 2002


I tried out the separate extension module, and sepearte embbeded application,
and it worked.

I tried out the all-in-one, and it didn't.  It could have something to do with
what SIP created, I'm not sure.  But when I attempt to import my wrapped stuff
in python, it tells me it can't find libwraptestc.so

However, looking at wraptest.py, I see:

# Python wrapper code.
# Generated by SIP v3.0 on Thu Feb 14 00:21:11 2002
import libwraptestc


class WrapTest:
    def __init__(self,*args):
    def __del__(self):

# Register the classes with the C++ module.

So it looks like it has to be a SIP thing.

Any idea how I can avoid the external .so reference here? Is there code I need
to change?  I'm looking at the wraptestcmodule.cpp and trying to figure out if
I should be calling initModule(...) directly in my C++ code to register the
module.  If so, what type is __name__ in python, so I can convert it from C++
to python in the call?


>Of course, this problem would also go away if you would incorporate
>the extension into the application.

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