wxlayoutconstraints inside a wxDialog ?

Marcus Stojek stojek at part-gmbh.de
Fri Feb 22 16:41:28 EST 2002

>There is one basic thing wrong with this code: you're not initializing 
>your class correctly. You should call the constructor of the base 
>class, but you're creating a new wxDialog instead.
You are right. I have copied the code from a wx example that
was not used inside a class and I didn't think. 

I did what you said, but still the main effect is there. When the
dialog pops up, all elements are crowded at the upper left corner.
If I resize the dialog or add the line 


everything jumps in place. The Doc says if I don't use 
SetAutoLayout i have to overwrite the OnSize() function
and call Layout() myself. Fine. But I AM using SetAutoLayout

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