undefined symbols when embedding python

Dave Marotti landshark at verticaladdiction.net
Thu Feb 14 15:36:09 CET 2002

Hey Martin,

Yes, the extension module is in a shared library.

Most of this is all pretty new to me, so for whatever reason, the approach of
extension library + separate embedded executable seemed more natural to me.

I'll give both ways a shot (extended module + embedded, and embedded with the
wrapper directly in it).  Now that I think of it, I cannot think of any reason
not to have the wrapped classes directly in the embedded app.

Thanks for the tips!


>I take it that the extension module is in a shared library? (which is
>kind of surprising, because in an embedded application, you'ld
>normally want all extension modules to be linked into the application,
>instead of having them as separate files on disk).
>I also take it that you use GCC on Linux? In that case, you need to
>export the symbols from the executable to the shared library, using
>-Wl,--export-dynamic (see ld(1) for details).
>Of course, this problem would also go away if you would incorporate
>the extension into the application.

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