win32 Zope 2.5.0 vs python2.1&win32all

Robin Becker robin at
Fri Feb 15 10:53:39 EST 2002

In article <3C6D07E2.5030005 at>, Mark Hammond <mhammond at> writes
>Robin Becker wrote:
>> sounds right to me, they would also have to fix pythonservice as well.
>I don't see why pythonservice needs to be fixed - it just uses the 
>python (if indeed it even needs that registry key.
>> Incidentally I notice that the path used by pythonservice is the 8.3 dos
>> mangled version. Inside the Zope startup script they're using the normal
>> long filename version to possibly correct the path. Will that not cause
>> problems? 
>I presume you are talking about the sys.path entries?  I have no idea 
>why pythonservice would use the short name - I don't think I have ever 
>seen it do that.  Can't see why it would be a problem though - both 
>names are equivilent.
well I see the following using procexp indicating two versions of
PyWinTypes21. Also win32api comes form the system's python not from Zope's.

I assume this is unsafe if not downright dangerous.
0xAF0000   0x10000          Common Python 2.1 types for win32                
        2.01.0000.0145   18/01/2002 15:29    C:\WINNT\system32\PyWinTypes21.dll 
0x1E100000 0xAF000          Python Core                                      
        2.01.0017.1010   25/01/2002 13:42    C:\Python\ZOPE_2_5_0\bin\lib\win32\python21.dll 
0x1E200000 0xF000           Python Win32 API extensions                      
        2.01.0000.0145   18/01/2002 15:29    C:\Python\win32\win32api.pyd 
0x1E600000 0x10000          Common Python 2.1 types for win32                
        2.01.0000.0140   22/06/2001 10:47    C:\Python\ZOPE_2_5_0\bin\lib\win32\PyWinTypes21.dll 
0x1E700000 0x8000           Python Win32 Thread and Process extensions       
        2.01.0000.0140   22/06/2001 10:47    C:\Python\ZOPE_2_5_0\bin\lib\win32\win32process.pyd 
0x1E800000 0x7000           Python Win32 Event extensions                    
        2.01.0000.0140   22/06/2001 10:47    C:\Python\ZOPE_2_5_0\bin\lib\win32\win32event.pyd 
0x1EA00000 0x7000           Python NT Service extensions                     
        2.01.0000.0140   22/06/2001 10:47    C:\Python\ZOPE_2_5_0\bin\lib\win32\win32service.pyd 
0x1EB00000 0x8000           Python Service Dispatcher Exe                    
        2.01.0000.0140   22/06/2001 10:47    C:\PythonService.exe
Robin Becker

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