Readline and unwanted filename completion

Simon Budig Simon.Budig at
Thu Feb 7 14:33:01 CET 2002

Michael Hudson wrote:
> Simon Budig <simon.budig at> writes:
> However, there may be people relying on current behaviour, and the
> motto of x.y.z releases is "nothing breaks".
> Also, to get it into 2.2.1 you have to convince the person putting
> patches into the 22-maint tree, and that currently seems to be me, and
> I'm not checking this one in.

Thanks for the PEP-Link. That made it more clear to me. I am not sure
what made me think that the patch would go into 2.1.x - Maybe it is
just me making the patch against 2.1.1...   :-)

When you put it into 2.3(\.[0-9)? I am perfectly happy. I have patched
my local 2.1.1 installation and am happy with it...  :-)

>> Imagine the rlcompleter: It is an convenient way to have completion
>> on the Python commandline. But if you start typing a name that is
>> not (yet) in the global dict and type <TAB> to verify this fact,
>> readline decides to complete with a filename, which is absolutely
>> meaningless in this context - AND YOU CANNOT SWITCH THIS OFF!
> It can be useful too; I have actually done
>>>> f = open("blabla
> and then used tab-completion to finish it off.

Oh well. Yeah, this can be useful. For the 2.3 release it should be
an optional parameter IMHO. 

Thanks for your patience.

      Simon.Budig at

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