Pythonic bit twiddling

Paul Rubin phr-n2002a at
Fri Feb 22 10:07:51 CET 2002

Jim Richardson <warlock at> writes:
> Thanks, this isn't a bad idea (I am not really python guru, so am easily
> overwhelmed sometimes :) I will have to think on it. Speed isn't much of
> an issue, as the data is only 9600 and each packet needs a checksum, and
> usually, only 8-10 packets a second. 
>  Another reply mentioned a "byte" operator, but I can't find that
> anywhere in my python docs. Is it something not in the default setup? 

That was me.  There's no byte operator.  I was using 'byte' as a
variable name to denote an integer variable that held an 8-bit number.
Sorry for the confusion.

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