Fear of autocoding!

Timothy Rue threeseas at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 16 10:22:08 EST 2002

On 15-Feb-02 22:23:33 Quinn Dunkan <quinn at cruzeiro.ugcs.caltech.edu> wrote:
>On Sat, 16 Feb 2002 01:45:49 GMT, Timothy Rue <threeseas at earthlink.net>
>>Which you could have done by not doing anything, in comparison to what you
>>have done.

>Do people laughing at you make it harder for you to write your thing?

>Awww... sorry.  Other people will entertain themselves that way, though, if
>you give them the opportunity.  Obviously you're entertained by it too, or
>else you wouldn't come back and post when you could be writing up your gizmo.

>So everyone wins, and we all keep each other occupied.  Usenet is such a
>friendly place.

>If it takes 14 years to write 1 of 9, then Armageddon for programmers is at
>2114.  By then we'll have already exploded when the unix 32bit epoch rolled

>Start your clocks:

All you have said is that there is no intent on making programming easier
for the masses.

You see, I and the majority of people in this world do not preform the
act of software programming 40 plus hours a week. In fact I understand
that even Programmers don't actually preform even half of that a week. But
the majority of us are busy doing other things, many of which are to do
things that you cannot live without (Food, clothing, shelter, medicine,
education, etc..), unlike programming.

As such, its clear that everyone is capable of putting things together,
from kids putting blocks together to rocket scientist putting things
together to figure out how to put other things together. It is also clear
that the majority of mental focus in this world is not software
programming but in using computer the users are subjected to thinking in
terms of what the programmers dictate.

To be constantly telling users they are to stupid to put things together
is not a good thing to do. The solution is of course to make programming
easy enough to do that the typical user actually has the resources they
need to actually do it. What that means is that programming has got to be
framed within the common action set that everyone is inherently familiar
with, experienced with.

As far a laughing at me goes, isn't that a MS tactic or item on their list
of what they do to those who do not agree with them?

What's the actual list of counter competition practices MS uses?

Right now they are trying to make out that they own the credit for
innovating linux via cause and effect. Saying that even Linux supporters
like .net in their marketing hype of .net with the appearance of being
news rather than marketing hype.

Meaning that from you and your comments you preceive me at the "laugh at
stage" but even you have to use all nine actions in reading and responding
to posts.

Guess that makes you a hypocrite laughing at yourself.

Python allowed me to very easily add internet access to files, in IQ.

Guess maybe that should be taken out now, huh?

That is if you really want to believe that 114 years is how long it's
gonna take. Based of course on programming not getting any easier.

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