CSV revisited

Raymond Hettinger othello at javanet.com
Sat Feb 9 17:15:21 EST 2002

I think your idea warrants a PEP.

It is the place to collect:
- the pros and cons of the proposal
- what to include/exclude
- various approaches
- References.  For instance, Kernighan & Pike, The Practice of Programming
  devotes a full chapter to issues in building a production CSV library.
  Also, there should be references to code and documentation for CSV
  in other languages.
- Documentation of key design decisions.  For instance, is the library
   to reading various CSV formats or is write-back in the same style to be
   Can the first record, contain optional field names?  Will incomplete
   raise an exception?
- Pointers to draft implementations so people can experiment with it.

A PEP is an ideal place to collect and document this information.
Also, an addition to the standard library is likely to be considered more
than a 'minor feature request'.  Another advantage is that it will also help
focus the discussion (be prepared, life in the focus is sometimes a little

If you want a co-author, I'm game.

Raymond Hettinger
"Magnus Lie Hetland" <mlh at vier.idi.ntnu.no> wrote in message
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> A little while ago I started a thread about adding CSV support to the
> standard library. There was (as expected) some controversy about this,
> but I think the idea had enough support that it might be turned into a
> formal proposal... However, I'm not sure wheter this is the sort of
> thing that should be formalised as a PEP... Any opinions in the
> matter? (Not pro/con the proposal itself... ;)
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