[OT]: Jabberwocky (was: Re: entries between labels dynamically)

Jeff Shannon jeff at ccvcorp.com
Tue Feb 19 02:14:25 CET 2002

Tim Legant wrote:

> I haven't read Jabberwocky in about 20 years, I think, and I don't
> have a copy here (a sad deficiency in my library!), but don't you want
> three blanks in the last line?  From (ancient) memory, isn't it:
> 'Twas _brillig_, and the _slithy_ _toves_
> Did _gyre_ and _gimble_ in the _wabe_.
> All _mimsy_ were the _borogoves_ (borogroves?)
> And the _mome_ _raths_ _outgabe_.

Yes, it is.

> Isn't-it-weird-having-a-mind-like-a-landfill-ly y'rs,

Yes, and it's also weird seeing someone else use the description that I've
been using of my own mind for years....   :)

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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