I love obfuscated python!

Jesse F. W jessefw at loop.com
Mon Feb 4 21:03:56 CET 2002

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> "Jesse W" wrote:
> > Horrey!  I have finally solved the piece of obfuscated python
> > posted by Greg Stein in November of 1998.*
> note that the solution was posted in october 1998.
Yes.  As I say in my message:
> > See the above mentioned solution message 
> > if you are interested)
I was aware that it had been solved before.  I was just happy that _I_ 
had just solved it, and wanted to share my thoughts on the value of 
obfuscated code as an art form.
> guess someone was using not only the time machine, but
> also some kind of yet-to-be-seen autodecoding tool...
			Jesse W

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