Autocoding project proposal.

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On 06-Feb-02 00:34:20 Peter Seebach <seebs at> wrote:
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>>Why would  be interested in a programming language by a company that has
>>been found guilty of Anti-trust? Not to mention that language is not
>>available anywhere near as much as something like Python.

>Because the language fits your project a lot better.  The *community* is
>perfect for you.  These people share your basic mindset.  They're heading
>where you seem to be already.

>>It'd really be a good thing if the MS cronies state so in their sig.

>I am not a MS crony.

>>This way I don't have to try and figure out why you have a problem knowing
>>the difference between what is idea and what is natural law physics. For
>>MS seems to think it own reality. It doesn't!

>This isn't about ownership, it's about finding the community most naturally
>suited to your project.  The C# people are the community least contaminated
>by existing notions of software engineering.


No, .NET is not the correct way, but rather an attempt to assume ownership
of, via evolution or changes over a period of time, about it. But will it
really ever get there?

C# is a subtopic of .NET / Mono, as is many other programing languages,
including Python.

The community you speak of is not inclusive of the end user/consumer, but
rather a community of programmers that are likley to follow MS mindset

And MS is a company that believe that by stating gsomething, makes it so.

But that's only because of the weak minded that have been given no other
option to compare to.

If you have never done it all the way right, how will you know when you

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