Newbie: Crazy, but Quick

Virginia O vodine at
Thu Feb 21 19:49:52 CET 2002

Hi all.

I need to check if I'm heading in the right direction.

I'm trying to write a 'protype' of a program. I'll give a quick example of
what I'm trying to do:

Say I spend a month training for Speed Skating.
I open up my Speed Skating Training Buddy Program on my computer. I just
bought the program and it should be cross-platform compatible, to work on my
PC at home and the Mac's at work.

I enter the date and time and my race times.

Then I choose the weather conditions for each day. There should already be a
DB with all the info, so I don't have to enter each time.

I would like to hit a button that calculates the correlations between
weather and my race times.
So far, this is what I understand I need to do:

Build my database. (I will be using Access,unless convinced otherwise.)

Learn more Python, so I can write the functions necessary to calculate
correlations. (There would be more than what I've shown here.)

Setup the Python database module, to be able to access the DB.

Then, do I want wxPython, Tkinter or the like to create an interface? I want
graphics and all the fancy stuff.....not just a buncha form fields.

Then I see py2exe helps create the executable program.
So, am I way out in left field? At this point, I don't want to hire a
developer. I'll be happy if I can get the works to function in Python,
before I make it a standalone program.

Thanks all,

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