How can I write this C code in Python?

Lars Olsson at
Sat Feb 2 10:36:48 EST 2002

As a starter, you can try this:

for i in range(12):
    res = ""
    for j in range(12):
        res = '%s %4d' % (res, (i+1)*(j+1))
    print res

"Fred" <c at> wrote in message
news:e959e7b.0202020710.417801c8 at
> Hello, I am just starting out with Python. I have a very basic book
> that is not helping me much. I have done some simple C programming in
> the past and I think if I could see the below C code done in Python it
> would get me over the beginners hump. I tried to do it in Python but
> got stuck right at the start, Python did not like it when I tried to
> say: for i = 1
> Can anybody help here? Thanks!

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