[OT] PPT reader?

A.M. Kuchling akuchlin at ute.mems-exchange.org
Fri Feb 8 14:29:00 EST 2002

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	Skip Montanaro wrote:
> access to PPT sort of out in the cold.  What non-MS tools are out there
> (open source or otherwise) for reading, displaying or converting PPT slides
> to other, more accessible, formats?  If we can get a reasonable (but fairly

OpenOffice 6.0beta seems to work fairly well for me; it's even managed
to read files that PowerPoint wouldn't open.  You can also unzip
OpenOffice-format files to get a collection of XML, PNG, and JPG
files, which was convenient for borrowing MEMS graphics from my boss's

One visible trend at this year's conference was HTML + a Web browser
as a presentation tool.  Skip, Jeremy and I all used HTML, and I think
other people did too.  It's a nice trend to see, and Opera's
full-screen mode can make the resulting presentation quite attractive.

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