[Slightly-OT] Wasn't Google supposed to be "avid Python-Users" ?

James_Althoff at i2.com James_Althoff at i2.com
Thu Feb 7 13:36:26 EST 2002

[Paul Rubin]
>I don't know of any Python projects on such a scale.  The biggest
>ones I know of (e.g. Zope) are smaller and have extremely good
>programmers rather than just ordinary programmers.  So they don't
>face the problems that typical Java projects do.
>I don't know what would happen if someone tried a big project
>in Python (Zope is medium sized).  Maybe it would work ok, maybe

We tried it -- using Jython.  I haven't counted lately but the total lines
of code is in the many-hundreds of thousands.  Development has been ongoing
during the past 2.5 years with around 40 - 50 different developers involved
at various times (in and out with usually 10 - 15 at peak times).  The
development group comprises engineers in both Silicon Valley, CA and
Bangalore, India.

Seems to work -- the software is in production at happy customer accounts
(and has generated valuable revenue <wink>).


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