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Fri Feb 15 00:02:07 EST 2002

Le 14/02/02 à 16:50, Rafael Mentz Aquino écrivit:
> Hi, there...
> I'm creating some simple interfaces with curses with python under
> FreeBSD, but I'm having some problems to change colors. I tried to do
> something in /etc/termcap, but when I run curses.can_change_color(), I
> always obtain 0.  My env term is cons25, but I don't know if python
> uses the same terminal.  I'm running python 2.1.1. Can anybody help
> me...? ;-))

I recently fiddled with this, too. And it took me a while to get the
curses code right. What I *can* do is give you some source that will
work if color works at all:

import curses

def mymain(stdscr):
    curses.init_pair(1, curses.COLOR_RED, curses.COLOR_WHITE)

    stdscr.addstr(0, 0, "This text is red on white.", curses.color_pair(1))



I've no solution for how to activate color on your FreeBSD console,
though. Maybe best ask on a FreeBSD group.

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