threads killing other threads

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Fri Feb 8 22:17:07 CET 2002

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    >>  I'm sure there's a good reason for Python not implementing
    >> this. Anyone know what it is?

    Aahz> Yes.  It doesn't work.

    Aahz> Oh, sure, there's a long technical explanation of how
    Aahz> arbitrarily killing threads leaves processes in various
    Aahz> kinds of weird states, but it all boils down to, "It doesn't
    Aahz> work."  That goes double for any kind of cross-platform
    Aahz> facility.  Note that Java has pretty much abandoned any
    Aahz> pretence that it can provide this capability.  -- --- Aahz
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But doesn't pthread_testcancel allow cooperative threads to be
canceled? This is the portable equivalent to the thread signaling
scheme described earlier. It also gives the canceled thread a chance
to clean itself up before exiting.

Not ideal, but better than nothing.

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