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> I eat, write, mouse, and play golf right handed.  I kick equally well
> with both feet, at least while playing soccer.  My surfing, skate
> boarding, throwing, tennis, darts, archery and shooting are done
> left-handed. My left eye is dominant. I agree with the cultural bias
> against left-handers. However, nuns with rulers were probably
> responsible for me writing with my right hand.  My mother is probably
> responsible for me eating with my right hand. I play golf right-handed
> because there were no left-handed clubs available to me when a learned
> as a child.
> I don't throw like a girl right-handed, so maybe I am actually
> ambidextrous.
Not to mention gender-biased? :-)

> I have a brother who does everything right-handed except eating. He's
> always been the stubborn one.
> Oh, and if throwing was really so "coarse-grained" I'd have been a
> Major League pitcher.

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