win32 Zope 2.5.0 vs python2.1&win32all

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Thu Feb 14 18:44:13 EST 2002

Robin Becker wrote:
> I am having bad problems with zope not starting up properly. I think
> this is caused by having Python-2.1.2 + win32all installed. It seems
> that paths set up in the registry by win32all are getting into sys.path
> when zope runs. This is causing massive confusion between modules
> installed in the base python and those I wish to test with zope.

IMO, the zope install should be fixed.  The Zope installer should decide 
if it wants to work with an installed Python OR it wants its own, 
discrete Python.

If the former, it should just make a regular standard Python install, 
then install Zope as an extension.  Then, even if "\Python21" was not 
the base directory, it is still a regular Python install - ie, just as 
if the user had manually specified the installation directory.  win32all 
etc would then happily install into this directory.

If the latter (which is more professional) it should just take steps to 
ensure that it is partitioned correctly.  Generally, this should only 
mean changing *one* string in the compiled Python DLL, which will 
completely change the registry key used by Python to load sys.path. 
Obviously the installer itself then changes to reflect this new key, but 
that should be all that is necessary.


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