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Tue Feb 12 00:36:19 EST 2002

Le 11/02/02 à 20:23, Gerhard Häring écrivit:
> Le 11/02/02 à 10:54, Peter H.J. v.d. Kamp écrivit:
> > [building MySQLdb on MacOS X]
> I have almost zero knowledge of Macs, but AFAIK MacPython is built with
> CodeWarrior, so you'll probably need this to compile MySQLdb.

> I strongly suggest you use the unixoid Python for MacOS X, as it will
> allow you to use GNU autoconf et al. for building the MySQL client
> libraries and gcc for building the C part of the MySQLdb Python
> extension.

For the fun of it, I built Python 2.2 for MacOS X on Sourceforge's
compilefarm, it compiled out of the box, but from what I've heard, it
still has some issues.

> [...] 
> Just recognized that I have access to MacOS X on Sourceforge's compile
> farm. I'll try to build a MySQLdb.

There's also a prebuilt unixoid Python for MacOS X available here:

Personally, I'd just install the development stuff from the MacOS X CD
and recompile Python 2.2 myself. Then install the MacOS X MySQL
binaries, then compile and install MySQLdb.

You could also give my compilation a try, I'put it on my homepage:

But I've no idea if it will work on your machine. Of course, I also
cannot support this in any way, as I don't even have a Mac.

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