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Fri Feb 8 13:54:57 EST 2002

On 7 Feb 2002 17:18:12 GMT, "Donn Cave" <donn at> wrote:

>Quoth ullrich at (David C. Ullrich):
>| An amusing aspect of all this: I just browse clp occaisionally,
>| since I'm an abstraction manipulator, not a programmer. So I
>| overheard comments about this guy before seeing any examples
>| of his output. Before seeing the things he wrote I was gonna
>| say "you guys got it easy - you should see sci.math". But
>| the funny thing is the guy reminds me _exactly_ of the
>| sci.math guy I had in mind: If you can't see what a genius
>| he is you're incompetent, you're all gonna be fired when
>| the Truth comes out, etc...
>So is sci.math choked with posts from people who normally seem
>to have their heads screwed on, endlessly replying this guy as
>if they sincerely think there's some purpose in it? 


> People who
>take time several times every day to post about how useless his
>ideas are and how they have no interest in helping?  Or are
>they saner there than we are?

People take turns. Everyone agrees there's no point to replying,
but at any given time there are plenty of people with nothing
better to do (or too pissed off at the guy to be rational about
it, or both.)

>The existence of people with unusual ideas isn't surprising.

So far you haven't been invaded by anyone insisting that
there's information about computer programming in the
Vedas that far surpasses modern methods in power. I haven't
seen anyone say that computer programmers are more likely
than most people to be mass murderers. Could be a lot worse.

>I'm kind of taken aback by the response here, though.
>	Donn Cave, donn at

David C. Ullrich

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