Recommendations for cross-platform GUI Bindings ?

Steven M. Castellotti SteveC at
Thu Feb 14 11:47:40 CET 2002

Greeting all--

	I'm writing an Open Source software application that allows children to
create their own video games, and would like to hear anyone's
recommendations for GUI bindings. The key things I'm looking for are:

 - Cross Platfrom (I need to run on at least Linux and Windows, though
Mac would be great if possible.)

 - Compiles to something easily executable (Ideally can be run from the
web, or can at least be wrapped by an installer)

 - Has good Image/Graphics routines

 - Is well supported (Online documentation/examples are available, or at
least an active mailing list. I don't want to get stuck coding for a
target the dissapears after the developer gets bored)

 - Uses Python or python-esqe syntax.

	So far I'm looking at:

Java 1.2 (Using Jython)
Java 1.4 (Using Jython)

	Java 1.2 is nice because most current web browsers support it, and Swing
has some nice features, but saving and loading games to the hard drive is
tough without a paid-for signed applet.

	Java 1.4 is the most current version of Java, and
I'm told includes some nice ImageIO routines, but isn't in web browsers
yet, and I don't want to have to ask kids to upgrade their software.
There's still the problem of saving and loading to the hard drive.

	pyGTK is what I'm currently using, but GnomeCanvas, the most usful way
to manipulate on-screen images is not available under win32. In theory
a pyGTK program can be compiled into a .exe for win32 distribution, but I
haven't worked out the details yet.

	If anyone has any recommendations as to technologies I should look at, I
would be very interested to hear your thoughts. If Mono was further along
on the Linux side, I might consider targetting .Net for win32 development
ride now, but I like to code under linux and am willing to wait to move
onto Mono when its ready.


-Steve Castellotti
 SteveC at

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