15 minute presentation on python?

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Tue Feb 26 02:00:02 CET 2002

Emile van Sebille wrote:
> "Joshua Muskovitz" <joshm at taconic.net> wrote in message
> news:3c7ab974_4 at corp.newsgroups.com...
> > Hey all,
> >
> > If you had to give a 15 minute introduction to Python, what would you
> cover?
> > What is a good example of a simple, but useful, text-based app for a
> Wintel
> > environment, that has good "wow" quality?
> >
> Hmm... text-based... "wow" appeal... oxymoron?  ;-)
> Otherwise, what Sheila said.

Something text-based that retrieves some useful information
from the web (a weather site?) and parses the result and
displays something useful with a few lines of Python code
using the standard modules would have enough "wow" appeal
for anyone used to other languages...

At least, it "wow"ed me when I did this sort of thing
from the interactive prompt for the first time... :)


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