curses module

J.Jacob joost_jacob at
Sun Feb 3 07:04:09 EST 2002

> > Why in the std distribution of Python 2.2 there isn't the curses
> > module?
[Gerhard Häring]
> If you're using Windows, that explains it ;-) There is indeed no curses
> module included in the Python binary distribution for Windows. IIRC the
> reason is that there is no ncurses library readily available on win32 to
> build the curses support against.

There have been many more questions about curses for Windows.  There
is even no alternative in the Python distribution, you can download
3rd party packages like WConio or console but you have to compile them
yourself and you are out of luck if you do not have that MSVC++
compiler the Python team choose if you want to communicate with their
libraries.  This is a bad situation and it comes up again and again
when you [have to] use Windows.  For a programming class in school
[never did see a school using linux except university] it would be
good if Python came with something like curses for Windows, the
flickering menus look bad and give Python a bad reputation.  And no,
you do not want to start a programming class with explaing TKinter and
callbacks hehe :-)

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