IPython 0.2.5

Philip Swartzleonard starx at pacbell.net
Thu Feb 14 05:14:41 EST 2002

Terry Reedy || Tue 12 Feb 2002 07:55:55a:

> "Fernando Pérez" <fperez528 at yahoo.com> wrote
>> Portability: Linux (and other unices, including Mac OSX), Windows XP.
>> Should run fine on all WinNT, and probably also on Win9x (I can't test
>> that). 
> You wrote further on your web page: "Hopefully Windows users will
> quickly migrate to XP (which is actually quite good in many respects)
> and we'll bury Win95 and children were they should have been buried
> years ago."
> Don't hold your breath.  XP is a greater resource hog than ME is a
> greather resource hog than W98 is a greater resource hog than W95, so
> many (most?) users can't upgrade, even if they would want to pony up
> the upgrade fee and run the risk (in some cases, certainty) of
> disabling a hardware system and set of software than currently work.
> (XP does NOT run everything that runs under Wxx.)

Then there are those of us who refuse to upgrade to XP because of MS's 
recent we-own-your-computer you're-a-pirate-until-proven-otherwise paying-
customers-come-dead-last registration BS, among other things. (And 
generally think 98 is the best thing to come out of them in general :).

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