ANN: EasyGui - basic, easy-to-use GUI functions

Stephen Ferg steve at
Thu Feb 14 21:11:33 CET 2002

Here's a bit more about what I was trying to do in EasyGui.  It took a
message from Kevin Altis really to make it clear.  Kevin wrote:

> I went ahead and looked at what you have 
> done so far and it looks like all
> you're doing is throwing up different 
> sorts of dialogs. Are you just wanting
> dialogs for input and output in a linear 
> program? GUI programs are generally
> event driven.

Kevin pinpointed exactly what is different about EasyGui ... it is
just putting up dialogs for simple input and output in a linear

What makes EasyGui different from other GUIs is that it is NOT

The reason is this:  For some (a few? many?) novice Pythonistas (or
even novice programmers?), the event-driven paradigm is new -- it will
take some learning and some mental re-adjusting.  EasyGui is designed
to meet their immediate needs until they can make that transition. 
Until he/she is ready to move on to an event-driven paradigm, EasyGui
will allow a programmer accustomed to a linear programming style to do
simple GUI functions so he/she can be productive (with very basic
tasks) immediately.  When he/she is ready, he/she can move on to an
event-driven style with a more powerful GUI package such as anygui,
PythonCard, Tkinter, wxPython, etc.

Kevin mentions what's been done in EasyGui "so far".   At least in my
vision of it, EasyGui shouldn't go much farther.  EasyGui is there
just to do very simple, very basic stuff.   More elaborate stuff
should be done with more powerful tools.

I honestly don't know if there is a need for such an animal as
EasyGui.  But I think there might be...

-- Steve  (steve at

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