Is making Python executables a reality?

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Thu Feb 14 14:54:26 CET 2002

MDK wrote:

> What percentage of people make exe files?  Do most people have
> end-users download the Python environment?

I can't even guess about percentages. Lately, Installer has
been downloading at a rate of around 200 per week (about
50 or those for Linux / Unix). The mailling list has a few
dozen subscribers. I have over 1,000 private emails on
Installer[1]. Posts on for py2exe seem about on par
with Installer posts. So, as a WAG, I'd say 10K people
making exe's isn't unreasonable (it's certainly thousands).

-- Gordon

[1] Another project of mine downloads at about 15 / week,
and I have never received an email from a user.

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