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Afonso Fernandez Nogueira afonso at
Tue Feb 12 17:38:54 CET 2002

Dave wrote:
>Could be from a number of languages; I always assumed quasi-Esperanto:

>"-ist" - an individual professionally or avocationally occupied with the
>idea or activity defined by the root [1].

>Of course, in either Spanish or Esperanto it would more commonly be
>"Pythonisto" anyway, so who knows.

Esperanto tries to be phonetically written, and usually adapts nouns to its phonetics / own vocabulary. So, if Python is called in Esperanto "(la programlingvo) Pitono", I would expect "Pitonisto" ("Pitonistino" if female, "gepitonistoj" to refer to both genders).

Anyway, if you take "Pythonista" as "member of the Python community", then "Pitonano" would perhaps be more accurate. Esperantists use to start their post with "Koraj gesamideanoj", ie "Dear members (of both genders) of the same idea" or whatever it translates to ;). 

Esperantists always use the -ist- suffix ("Esperantistoj") to refer to themselves though. I've seen several webpages about Python written in Esperanto, so I'm sure there has to be an established way to call Pythonistas in this beautiful language.


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