slipknot mudrunner5 at
Sun Feb 3 00:36:38 EST 2002

I heard of the computer programming language called Python on Jan26th for
the very first time.. it was mentioned just in passing in one of my
undergrad classes at UMaine.. so i looked it up on the web, found a few
tutorials, and homebase (

I'm excited about coding once again.. i've been getting rather bored lately
with programming in general, but python renewed my interests.  I can't wait
to read more about it, i went out to Borders bookstore friday and bought a
"Complete Reference" book..

I've also decided to choose it as my "study language" for another class i'm
taking.. (ProgrammingLanguages) which focuses on design and features.

Long story short, I'll have plenty of questions for you guys over the next
few months..  :-)


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