Simple threading thing

Martin v. Loewis martin at
Thu Feb 28 23:43:41 CET 2002

"Thomas Weholt" <thomas at> writes:

> I need a thread, no forking. Should run in Linux and Win32. I need a thread
> that functions in the background, running beside the main server, with a
> reference to the main server so it can maintain states etc. in it. The
> purpose of the process is to mainly remove expired sessions ( remember this
> is a webserver ), log certain values and monitor the server, and work as
> sort of a janitor.
> Does that make it any clearer?

Not really. The main process starts. What happens next? I interpret
your posting as

- creates a new thread, to observe the main thread
- the main thread should continue to run, but doesn't

Is that correct? How do you know it does not run?

If this are all the fact, it is really hard to believe. There must be
details that you've omitted.


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