Xython - XML-Formed Python

Gerard Braad g_braad at survion.com
Sun Feb 3 10:49:54 EST 2002


For a long time now, I had the idea of XML-Formed Python. This way it
would be possible to send Python code across a network connection. The
only problem was, I didn't had much time to realise this. Way back in
August I saw someone (mlh) had the same idea and in December the project
page was included on the DDJ Python-URL. JEEJ!

I wasn't aware of this and hadn't worked on it, until now... Work on the
initial draft has started. If you are willing to help, don't hesitate
and contact us...


Any help would be appreciated. We hope this will become a standard for
inclusion of Python in XML documents.

Gerard Braad          &   Magnus Lie Hetland
g_braad at survion.com       magnus at hetland.org

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