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Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Tue Feb 12 21:31:55 CET 2002

Andrew MacIntyre <andymac at> wrote:
> On 12 Feb 2002, Martijn Faassen wrote:

>> Another interesting thing the other day is that on comp.object someone
>> was asking which language they should try to experiment with OO, and
>> there came lots of suggestions to use Ruby (Python was in there, but Ruby was
>> mentioned a *lot*). Seems that language has been crossing a barrier
>> as well recently.

> My take: Ruby turns out to be a language of refuge for escapees from Perl
> who can't cope with white-space significance (more of them than not, I
> expect).

That doesn't explain the recommendations in comp.object, though. 
They use smalltalk, Java, C++ yes, but I don't expect most of the people
there are Perl users at all. I'm not entirely sure any more if the question
about a OO language per se or if it was about experimenting with dynamic
languages, by the way.


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