ODBC on unix w/o mxODBC

M.-A. Lemburg mal at lemburg.com
Tue Feb 19 15:38:35 CET 2002

Paul Boddie wrote:
> Ville Vainio <vvainio at karhu.tp.spt.fi> wrote in message news:<yoxr8niyiyf.fsf at karhu.tp.spt.fi>...
> >
> > Direct connection doesn't work in my case (my DBMS only offers ODBC
> > and JDBC). However, I overreacted a little bit w/ mxODBC - I thought
> > it was $500 (as it used to be), but I was emailed that it is in fact
> > $75.
> You could always make a SWIG wrapper for iODBC - I started one to see
> how hard it might be - but in the end it's probably cheaper (time is
> money, so they say) to license mxODBC.

Just to correct the figures:

	mxODBC 1 CPU license: USD 75,00

The developer seat license is (no royalties for redistribution):

	mxODBC 1 DevCPU license: USD 1.250,00

mxODBC supports iODBC and unixODBC on Unix (as well as a whole
bunch of ODBC drivers directly).

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