Java vs Python ... ???

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Fri Feb 15 10:17:08 EST 2002

On 15 Feb 2002, Bertrand Geston wrote:

> Martin Roos <moro at> wrote in message news:<3C6CAFF8.4D3B5092 at>...
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> > > I've been learning JAVA for a while, but now I've heard avout Python.
> > > Any coments concerning these two languages?
> >
> > java is powerful and quite fast with jit,
> > python is more fun and slower ....
> >
> >  java is for serious kinda stuff , python is for testing etc.
> I fully agree with that (but never had speed issues with Python), and
> I would like to add:
> - Java is for larges applications developed by teams, Python is for
> your own needs, for prototyping (even new functionnalities in a Java
> app with Jython and that's really cool)
> - Java is probably easier to maintain, Java works on a kind of
> platform which is robust, reliable, provide security facilities, ...
> and Python is easy to extend, gives powerfull access to the system
> (but, for obvious reasons, sometimes in a platform dependant way).

Well, since we're tossing out opinions without any explanation of them,
I'd like to add that:

- Python works extremely well for personal use, prototyping, and
professional, team development
- Python programs are just as easy, if not easier, to maintain
- Python programs are more robust and reliable
- Java gives powefull access to the system (but, for obvious reasons,
sometimes in a platform dependent way).

The OP probably needs to try both to get a clear feeling for what will
suit him best, but he/she shouldn't base the decision on the ridiculous
misinformation that has come out in this thread so far.


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