PullDOM docs?

Magnus Lie Hetland mlh at vier.idi.ntnu.no
Thu Feb 14 19:58:26 CET 2002

In article <m33d05jhzx.fsf at mira.informatik.hu-berlin.de>, Martin v.
Loewis wrote:
>mlh at vier.idi.ntnu.no (Magnus Lie Hetland) writes:
>> I just wondered if perhaps some more documentation could be added to
>> the standard docs about PullDOM? 
>Contributions of more documentation are always welcome; please submit
>them to the SF patch tracker.

I'll see if I get the time ;)

(I thought perhaps the existing documentation (i.e. Prescod's) could
just be dropped into the standard distribution...)

>> It seems to me that for people who want simple XML processing (like
>> me), but who might at times find minidom a bit inefficient
>I think the solution to that problem would be to speed up the minidom
>implementation. If they find it significantly too slow, pulldom won't
>help, either, and they may need to use 4Suite's cDomlette, or perhaps
>PIRXX (dunno what performance characteristics that has).

Yes, the cDomlette is extremely fast...

But is pulldom really no more efficient thatn minidom? E.g. if I'm
looking for a record in a Really Large XML file? I would have thought
that not having to build a Really Large DOM tree would help
significantly... Oh, well.


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