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Thu Feb 21 16:08:34 EST 2002

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| I need a simple way to record audio with a scripting language in
| Windows.  I
| think this can be done by executing sndrec.exe or sndrec32.exe (the
| sound recorder that comes with windows that can be executed by going
| to Programs->Accessories->Entertainment->Sound Recorder), however I
| can't seem to be able to make it record.  I know you can use this
| program to PLAY a WAV file by executing
| sndrec32.exe /play /close filename.wav
| However I was not able to make it record by executing
| sndrec32.exe /record /close filename.wav
| The command above I tried is just a guess, i have no idea if there is
| a /record parameter.  Any idea where I can find a list of command line
| parameters for sndrec32.exe?
| If anyone knows any other way of automating the task of recording
| audio using a scripting language (which executes a free audio
| recording program), please let me know.  Any help is much appreciated.

You need snack. A sound extension for Tcl/Python.

There are a number of demos to do exactly want you want.

Tom Wilkason

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