COFF2OMF C++ Builder 4

Carl Caulkett carlca at
Fri Feb 15 22:05:21 EST 2002

In article <2830c89c.0202150629.5a6b711f at>, 
andrew.gregory at says...
> Trying to create BCB4 DLLs which can be imported into Python 2.2
> COFF2OMF python22.lib new.lib gave me error message "Invalid COFF file".
> What is the easiest way to fix this?

Hi Andrew,

This page may help.

It's oriented towards the Borland C++ v5.5 command line tools which is 
based on the BCB5 compiler back-end. Hopefully it will be relevant to 
BCB4 as well. I can confirm that I have been able to compile PYDs using 
the info on this page.


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