Which GUI toolkit to use?

Niki Spahiev spahievi at vega.bg
Wed Feb 6 21:07:27 CET 2002

06.2.2002, 03:07:41, Joshua Muskovitz wrote:

JM> Specifics:

JM> 1.  Needs to run on Windows platform.
JM> 2.  Needs to easily support completely custom paint (buttons, scrollers,
JM> listboxes, etc).
JM> 3.  Needs to handle simple input (editboxes, onLeftClick events).

JM> The goal is to produce an app that runs full screen on a Win platform, and
JM> is interacted with via a touchscreen.  I would like to just paint the whole
JM> damn thing myself, but a widget manager will make input handling easier.
JM> There will be a lot of bitmaps making the whole thing pretty.

I have made such app using only pygame. For touchscreen you will need
virtual keyboard which is easy with it. Nowadays you can look at PyUI and
ParaGUI python bindings.

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