Tkinter list boxes, selection emphasis, and the keyboard focus

Tokomar no at
Tue Feb 26 18:58:02 CET 2002

Python fans:

First, some definitions...

Focus - the single place on entire screen where keyboard activity will 
reflect. This displays either a text caret or an ant rectangle.

Selection - in a list box, which item is the user's favorite. This displays 
by changing the color scheme to an opposing contrast.

Now the problem. Tkinter appears to slur these definitions together. If, 
for example, I put two list boxes next to each other, they treat the focus 
and selection the same. If the keyboard focus is in the second one, we 
can't see which item in the first one is selection.

I will deal, short term, by changing some other property in the lists. (I 
will therefor do Tkinter's housekeeping for it.)

But has anyone addressed this problem directly? Is there a configuration 
option I overlooked?


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