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Cliff Wells logiplexsoftware at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 14 11:44:09 EST 2002

On 14 Feb 2002 10:14:41 GMT
Philip Swartzleonard wrote:

> Then there are those of us who refuse to upgrade to XP because of MS's 
> recent we-own-your-computer you're-a-pirate-until-proven-otherwise
> customers-come-dead-last registration BS, among other things. (And 

I wonder how much this is going to affect the size of the Windows user-base
in the long run... hopefully for the better ;)

> generally think 98 is the best thing to come out of them in general :).

Ick.  If you _must_ use Windoze, by all means, get Win2k.  

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