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Karl M. Syring syring at
Mon Feb 4 05:33:29 EST 2002

"Gerhard Häring" <gh_pythonlist at> schrieb
> Le 03/02/02 à 15:57, J.Jacob écrivit:
> > [Karl M. Syring]>
> > > This is utter nonsense. Pdcurses simply works on Windows.
> True, but this doesn't say anything about building the Python curses
> module againsat it.
> In fact, I've tried and I can tell you that this isn't plug-and-play.
> After seeing lots of undefined symbols, I gave up. It simply wasn't
> worth the effort to me.
> But you seem to be pretty sure that it's pretty easy, so ...
> > Maybe -you- can get it to work?
> ... I'd also be interested if you get this to work.

I will give it a try, time to udate to 2.2.

Karl M. Syring

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