How to capture output of os.spawnv()?

Donn Cave donn at
Thu Feb 14 19:36:25 CET 2002

Quoth Carel Fellinger <cfelling at>:
| Donn Cave <donn at> wrote:
| ...
| > Check it out.  Not popen, but as they say, "popen2 et al."
| > It will exec the command on its own, no shell, if you give it
| > an argument list.  If you give it a string, it will use the
| > shell.
| How is one supposed to know this?  (excluding reading the source or
| remembering from the last time you brought this up:)
| I've reread the fine manuals, but can't find a clue hinting at this
| interesting behaviour.

I guess I should read the manuals some time.  I wonder if they explain
why os.popen2 reverses the order of popen2.popen2's returns.

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